3 Ways to Shine Through Positive Body Language

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


The power and depth of our body language is really quite amazing. Our posture and gestures innately project a positive/negative energy that provides observers visual cues as to how we may think or feel. The spark of laughter in our eyes, the slight tilt of a head in response, the sweeping gesture of a hand in frustration are all non verbal cues that indicate to observers our feelings and opinions.

The intricate apparel of our subconscious mind, body language affects how we are perceived by others and when oblivious to its power it is easy to unintentionally communicate the wrong message. In a culture dominated by time sensitivity, decisions are rapidly made in a fraction of a second based on our personal image and the energy we exude. In addition to having a friendly smile, here are three ways to communicate positive energy through your body language.

Just Breathe. Sometimes those deep breathes that we take before entering a room can do the most good. Why? Often, it’s not until you tell yourself to consciously relax do you realize how much tension you’ve been carrying around. Shoulders that threatened to brush the base of your ears relax to align with the rest of your body and your neck seems to remember its natural position is not extended forward but comfortably straight at the base of your head.

Slow Your Roll. Remember the Tortoise and the Hare? Sometimes slow and steady really does win the race. Speed walking when no one is chasing you or speaking rapidly when you’re not under the gun can convey nervousness and heightened stress. When walking or interacting with others, convey confidence by keeping your movements and speech at a calm, comfortable pace.

Let Your Eyes Do the Talking. If our eyes are the window to our soul then eye contact is how we draw the curtains to let the sunshine in. Good eye contact conveys confidence and attentiveness; two very important things that help to facilitate positive communication. Keep in mind that it’s okay to occasionally break eye contact during a conversation; stare-downs are just down right uncomfortable.

The next time you prepare to walk through a doorway, pause to become aware of your body language. Are you slumping? Are you frowning? Your existence on this earth is not by accident. You have a right to be here, a right to be respected, and your aura should reflect this. When in doubt, walk with your back straight, head up, and energy in your step. This simple motion will reflect inner confidence and create a positive energy that's both healing and inspiring to those around you.


What are your thoughts?

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