The Strength of Your Self Belief

“By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.” -Franz Kafka

Whenever I think of belief I often envision a sailboat drifting away from the harbor, guided along its course by the wind. Like these vessels, we explore the waters of life powered by the wind of our beliefs.

If we are not strong in our beliefs it is difficult to move forward without the strength of our convictions to fill our sails. At times such as these we are only able to drift on the currents and hope that it leads us to safe harbor. However when our beliefs are strong they carry us forward on a mighty wind and we move forward full speed in that direction.

Just as the breeze on a sunny day pushes you forward, the gusts of a summer storm can equally propel your boat. This is why when building your self-esteem, it is important to pay attention to what it is that you believe. When you hold negative beliefs within your mind of failure, doubt and low self-esteem, you sail in that direction and it is evident in your behavior and actions. In contrast, when you fill your sails with positive beliefs it propels you forward in the direction of achieving your goals.

If you find yourself lost in the current or you feel like you are sailing in the wrong direction, it may be time to take a look at the beliefs that are influencing your choices. Subconsciously, what you believe and the force behind your beliefs impact your relationships, your career, your health and your overall life style. The world you have created around you is a result of what you believe to be your truths. For example, if you tell yourself that “I’m not good enough” or that “I can never do better” on a consistent basis, it can be difficult to find the motivation to leave a destructive relationship or an unfulfilling job.  This is why you must take care in choosing the right wind to fill your sails. Remember, your actions are a direct result of the beliefs that you hold.

Be conscious of the fact that you play an active role in the creation of your beliefs. Even when you are influenced by the opinions of others, it is you who ultimately forms your beliefs. Once these beliefs become part of your thought process, they become the wind that fills your sails and guides the direction of your life. Every success that you have and each failure that you encounter are influences by the unspoken guidelines that you have established in your mind. Whatever it may be that you desire to achieve, from buying a house to getting a promotion, losing weight or learning a new language, the success of your endeavor will be determined by beliefs that guide your life.

If you only focus on the roadblocks that you encounter in life, all you will ever see are problems. Alternatively, if you do not believe that you will succeed at the task before you, then you will not. If your beliefs allow you to be content with the negativity surrounding you, you will never rise above it to become the person you are meant to be. Take the time to foster a strong belief in yourself and what you have the ability to accomplish.


Seven Tips to Diminish Doubt

1. Make a list of your fears. Only by admitting that they exist can you seek solutions.

2. Write down how these fears affect your life.

3. Become aware of the voices in your head and write down those negative messages.

4. Change each negative message to one that is positive and constructive.

5. Be aware of your past, and be willing to let go of it.

6. List your goals and the actions you need to achieve them.

7. Take one of the actions you listed out every day. Each time you do something that brings you closer to achieving your goals you will feel better about yourself.


Be Open to Change

To strengthen your beliefs it is important that you allow yourself to be open to change.  Reshuffling your mental deck is not always easy, so do not be surprised if you are met with a little resistance. In order to make improvements within your life, you will need to learn how to change your attitude about yourself. This means letting go of people and circumstances that negatively influence your life. Like learning to ride a bike, it’s going to hurt a little when you fall down but do not let your determination falter. Trust in your heart that if you get back on, you will inevitably learn how to ride.


Build Your Inner Circle

It can be difficult to get wind in your sails when you aren’t sure where to start. Mitigate feelings of doubt by learning as much as you can about what you wish to achieve. Whether it’s a book, movie, class or guest speaker, surrounding yourself with people and resources that are in alignment with what you want to do. Seeing evidence of others achieving what you desire to do in front of you can do wonders in keeping your beliefs strong. Networking groups are invaluable because they provide the perfect platform for you to get your questions answered by someone who was once in your shoes. Discover what they did to achieve their success and ask for tips on how you can do the same.

When the strength of your belief is greater than the doubt, fear or negativity from others, there is no stopping how far you can go. Take a look at your goals and review them without harsh critiques and pessimism. After all, anything is possible as long as you believe you can achieve it. Leaving the harbor is nothing more than a question of how you choose to fill your sails.


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