You Are Good Enough: Small Steps for Transcending Self-Doubt

“I can't think of anyone I admire who isn't fuelled by self-doubt. It's an essential ingredient. It's the grit in the oyster.”  -Richard Eyre


It’s really true that at times, we can be our worst enemy.

Looking back it wasn’t always external factors that stopped me dead in my tracks on the road to my dreams. Often times it was me.

Self-doubt is frequently described as a weed growing in the garden of our dreams, and with good reason. Sometimes no matter how much we’ve cleared away the fallen leaves of negativity or spent grueling hours under the sun to fertilize our goals, we look down and see the tiny sprouts of self-doubt.

In response we spray pesticides of positive thinking but unfortunately the eyesore seems to be just as determined as we are to succeed. Like insistent dandelions, our self-doubt flourishes until it slowly covers our well forged path.

Toss in a healthy dose of fear and before you realize it; the dandelions have transformed from a crown of golden petals into a monstrous beanstalk that would rival that of Jack’s.

So, what steps can you take to get your self-doubt under control?

Get to the Root of It

Start by letting yourself know that it’s okay. No matter whom you are or what your stage in life you will encounter moments of self-doubt. But the trick is to acknowledge your doubt instead of repressing it. In order to tackle doubt, you need to understand where it’s coming from and you can’t do that by throwing a sheet over it. The next time you tell yourself that “you need to be realistic” or ask “can I really do this?” acknowledge the questions going through your head and ask yourself “what caused me to say this?”

Keep Your Focus Front & Center

Nine times out of ten, when you ask yourself “what caused me to say this?” the answer usually lies in a past experience or negative commentary. Take a deep breathe and remember that the past is exactly that, the past. Every second in the present is a new opportunity for you to overcome previous pitfalls to emerge a stronger person. Okay, so you didn’t hit the mark last time.  However as a result, you now have the experience and knowledge that will propel you to success today. So take a deep breathe, clear your head and let your arrow fly.

Be Your Own Best Friend

We all love a good coach when it comes to running a race. However as life would have it, you won’t always have someone rooting for you in the sidelines.  There will come a time when you have to look your own self in the eye and say “I can do this.” Like any race, all runners have a strong start but over time our energy can fade. We no longer feel as enthusiastic as we did at the start.  Then along comes self-doubt with plenty of reasons why you should just stop running altogether. At times such as these, pull energy from the inspiration of why you began this journey in the first place. Instead of asking if you are good enough; refuel by telling yourself every reason why you are.

Sometimes, the bigger the challenge the greater your self-doubt may be. Yet, instead of letting it grow into a dense brush that debilitates your progress, acknowledge your self-doubt and address it with compassion. You will soon find that the dandelions that threatened to overtake your garden are now withered seeds, which drift away on the breeze.

How do you overcome your self-doubt?




<p>Thank you for posting this! This really helps me in my journey to becoming better as a whole. Currently, I am working on my self esteem and confidence and I have been looking for more tips to keep me on track. I like how you bring up getting to the root of your self doubt. I have had to get to the root of my self doubt (my dad, negative thoughts, and past). Another thing that you mention is Keeping focus and center and leaving the past in the past. Leaving the past has been hard for me, but I have to remind myself to make sure that the past is over and that I am much wiser. It is time to stop the self doubt and start living!</p><p>Great post!</p>

<p>You really are a talented writer, Lakeysha. I loved all of your metaphors, especially the &quot;spraying pesticides of positive thinking&quot; bit. I struggle with self-doubt as much as the next person, in fact, I usually consider myself my worst enemy. I will take your suggestions into consideration the next time I am beating myself up about something, so thank you!</p>

<p>Lakeyskia,</p><p>I&nbsp;love your blog. &nbsp;It is so pretyy, feminine and inviting. &nbsp;I also liked the tone of your writing. &nbsp;You have a wonderful writing voice. &nbsp;Your blog is very well organized, easy to follow and informative. I also plan to check out your book. &nbsp;Seeds of Beauty is an excellent title for what you&#39;re trying to accomplish. &nbsp;I know you will go far, and I will be rooting for you.</p><p>Garletta Carter</p>

<p>This is a great post, I think getting over self-doubt and achieve confidence are very important factors in the world of beauty. I haven&#39;t had much chance to check out the rest of your blog, but the layout, and presentation are very nice, and it looks like a professional finished product, great work.</p>

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